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As COVID started affecting the world abruptly, countries had to close down schools nationwide. This resulted in students around the world studying at home. Studying at home can be challenging, yes. But it doesn’t mean that one can’t adapt. Here are 5 essential tips that will make work from home easier for you!

Follow A Routine

Setting up a routine will help you manage your time efficiently. Fix your time for waking up, meals, studying, physical activity, and going to bed. In the absence of a routine, your breakfast time might start coinciding with your lunchtime. In that case, you would only have one meal instead of two, leaving you with lesser energy throughout the day.Having a routine also helps you take command of your day. It makes your brain feel active and ready for the chores you’ve decided for the day.

Establish A Study Area

It is important that you have a designated study area for work from home. Choose a place that is free of distractions for you. A studying area helps you focus well and makes you less likely to get distracted. You can choose to put a small plant in your study area. It helps bring a sense of calmness. This will make you more comfortable in the space. Keep your area of studying clean. Cleanliness will not only help you focus but will also help in organizing your stuff. Organized space means you will not waste time in finding what you need.

Take Care Of Your Body

Make sure you eat well. Proper meals with sufficient nutrients at the proper times is necessary. This will help you stay energized throughout your day. Get yourself 7-9 hours of sleep at night. This will help you to wake up the following morning refreshed and ready for another day. Make time in your routine for some physical activity. Move around, stretch your muscles to help your body feel relaxed throughout the day.

Avoid Multitasking

Don’t give in to the urge of multitasking to save time. Working on more than one task can make you lose the focus required to complete a task. If you are eating and studying together, neither will you understand what you study properly nor will you be able to enjoy your food. Concentrating on the task at hand will not only help you complete it on time but also with very few errors.


Figure out the time of the day when you are least productive and use it to talk to people. Socializing helps you bring a sense of community. Taking time out to talk to people will help you take your mind off your studies. This will help you relax and a relaxed brain is a productive brain. While studying at home can seem convenient, you may get distracted easily and lose focus. However, if you make sure to follow these tips, you will do just fine.


These few tips will help you find a proper sense of productivity while studying at home. Remember that even while being at home, focusing on overall development as well as on your studies is crucial.