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I have been a teacher for almost 33years of my life. I have taught thousands of students in my career as a teacher and as a coaching class owner. With the pandemic, new challenges appeared. We were worried about completing the portion in stipulated time and with the same effectiveness of the regular method of teaching i.e. being physically available for the students.

With this new challenge, we quickly adopted the new technology for training the students. Amazed that we am for the advancement in the field of computer software and internets etc we just took the help of the best professionals. i developed a great respect for the minds behind these new platforms of communication. It has helped tremendously to reduce my anxiety about staying in touch with my students. I could assure the more anxious parents that I am able to provide the appropriate help.

As my courses are running very smoothly, I am using the Zoom app for my coaching online. With some negative reports related to security, I tried to search for other options. But to my dismay, no other computer software was having similar features for having more than 100 participants. No Indian company had anything to offer. I found a couple of such companies but they cost a lot.

Being used to chalk and board method it was really challenging to use a virtual board. I have always embraced new techniques of teaching in the past but this was something different. Finding new methods of presenting data, conducting online tests, providing notes online was fun but stress too.

This made me think is every parent financially capable to provide a laptop or tab or desktop to their kid? Do they have a dedicated internet connection with good speed? Though we are trying really hard to provide the best education, is every home ready technologically? Whether few are suffering to cope? we have no idea. Is India ready for such an upgrade in the education system under an emergency?

The answer to this is “no”.  we need more cloud space, drive space to store data and everything costs money. In the times where one may lose the job how do we expect the parents to provide a technological upgrade?  We live in the city but what about the rural areas where electric supply is not sure, then how they can have a steady connection with the internet?

But overall, this pandemic taught us, teachers, a great deal. We all adapted to new techniques in our own ways and found that this new method is equally effective too.  We may switch over to online teaching during other crises too if they happen. That also will expand our student base and we may be able to provide quality education to students in remote areas too by sitting at home. It will save the cost of parents who send their children to cities for a better education. The student will be safe in the confines of his home and still can get a quality education. It will also reduce physical and emotional stress to both.

“Every cloud has a silver lining “ and “ every challenge is an opportunity”. I feel that is so true. I congratulate my fellow educators, parents, and students for adapting quickly to this new technology. We are surviving the difficult phase with courage and hope.  I wish everyone the best future!