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Each year, ambitious science students aspire for an illustrious career in medicine and their dreams rest on the threshold of cracking the NEET. With over 1.3 million aspirants appearing for NEET last year, the competition for a seat in the best medical colleges in the country is intense and to succeed, a high score in NEET is the key.

Here are 10 things you need to know for cracking the NEET and getting that high score :

1. What to Study?

NEET syllabus is based entirely on NCERT textbooks, and is hence the best resource material. You can get free access to the e-books from the official website.

Other reference books for study , test series to be practised, guides and resources for the actual NEET preparation are :

·         Wiley’s Objective Physics for NEET

·         New Errorrless Physics NEET and AIIMS (Vol.1 & 2),

·         Wiley’s Objective Chemistry for NEET

·         NCERT Xtract – Objective Chemistry for NEET

·         Wiley’s Fundamentals of Biology

·         New Errorrless Biology NEET and AIIMS (Vol.1 & 2),

·         NEET-UG Absolute Biology (Vol.1 & 2)

·         NTA NEET 101 Speed Tests

·         Allen Test Series NEET-UG

·         NEET Guide for Physics, Chemistry & Biology

·         Chapter-wise DPP Sheets for NEET (Physics / Chemistry / Biology)

These test series contain MCQs, additional questions from various competitive examinations, explanatory notes on variations in questions and serve as the ideal revision and practice resource. For additional guidance, there are also online coaching platforms such as Entrance360.

Once the resources are in place, the question is how to actually approach the preparation for NEET.

2. When to Study?

Study every day.

While preparing for NEET, don’t just read the notes and memorise the information. Make it a habit of noting down key concepts, drawing diagrams and figures and writing equations and formulae.

3. When to Start Revising?

Don’t leave all revision only for tests and exams. As soon as the next topic is done, revise the previous topic/s as well. This will save time and effort at the end of the syllabus.

4. Organize Your Concepts

When you revise for NEET, take up related topics together. It will help consolidate conceptual understanding and facilitate speedy and accurate retrieval for the application. Cracking the NEET is all about the processing speed (not only overall capacity) of your brain, and the accuracy of the resultant analysis.

5. Set Achievable Goals

Manage your time well.

Make your own study schedule and adhere to it. Strictly! Do the maximum possible studying every day, but set realistic goals for the number of topics and number of hours you can study at stretch.

6. Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s rest improves alertness, helps consolidation of memory,  regulates appetite and mood and generally keeps you physically and mentally fit. So try to get at least 8 hours sleep every night.

7. Eat Healthily

Which brings us to food: do not take up a dietary fad when you are preparing for NEET. Sticking to homemade food is wise. Avoid street-food, as it can cause gastrointestinal disorders, leading to loss of health and time. Do eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for they contain the much-needed vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Eat all kinds of nuts for a high protein which is a brain food.

8. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water – keep a water bottle next to you at all times. Water is good for your body as it aids metabolism, helps flush out toxins and maintains the electrolyte balance.

9. Exercise & Meditate

Get some fresh air. A few minutes of yoga, or aerobics, or a brisk walk can be very refreshing and renews both physical and mental energy and alertness. Similarly, practising meditation can help improve concentration levels.

10. Don’t Compare

Peer pressure can be stressful at the best of times, but especially so before exams. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing how much revision someone else has completed, as against your own. Focus only on what and how you are preparing for NEET in your own way.

The Key to Success Is in Your Hands…

Finally, be confident of your preparation and in the knowledge that NEET may have infinite ways of wording questions, but the concepts in which they originate, are all finite – and you already know them. Remember, that’s the key to unlock that high score in NEET!

All the best!