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Monsoons mean romance, bromance, long drives, chai-pakora sessions, getting wet, and a host of other fun-filled things to do. For all of us growing up on a healthy dose of Hindi films, monsoons are oh, so cool! But wait, while the heroine, most certainly, does look ravishing when getting wet, it’s not exactly an advisable thing to do during the monsoon season– especially with entrance exams to be written, cultural competitions and inter-college matches to be won, etc. So, here’s how to stay healthy and fit during the monsoon, and make the most of it:

1. Don’t get drenched!

Yes, you read that right!  With all the pollution up there, what comes down as rain is hardly pure water anymore. Getting wet in the rain leaves you open to fungal skin infections, viral fever, skin allergies, and more. Avoid the puddles – and if by mistake you step into one and your footwear gets soaked, remove them at the earliest, clean your feet under running water, soak in a bucket of warm salt-water for 15 minutes, dry well, and apply talcum powder. Also, allow your footwear to dry completely before putting them on again – squeeze some hand sanitizer in a cotton ball, and wipe it clean.

2. No Street Food

Tempting as they are, avoid them! If that cannot be managed, say no to any street food item that uses raw/pre-cooked ingredients, like potatoes, cucumber, onion, coriander, etc. Even for fresh salads that are homemade, ensure the raw veggies are washed well.

The humid climate makes food go bad pretty fast, and the bacteria can cause digestive ailments, food poisoning, etc. Remember, most monsoon-related diseases are water-borne. So chaat, panipuri, juices – anything that uses suspect water, is out, too!

3. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of fluids – and no, that doesn’t mean coffee, cola, or other packaged and or aerated drinks. Water is the best – but do ensure the source is clean, however. It’s best to carry a bottle of boiled and filtered water from home. One feels less thirsty due to the ambient ‘wetness’ and yet, tends to sweat more due to the humidity during monsoons.

This leads to dehydration and also causes problems like indigestion, acne, and dry skin. Try out herbal teas – they have anti-bacterial properties, too!

4. The Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Don’t touch your eyes. This is the season of eye ailments, like conjunctivitis and styles, and you never know what you have touched unknowingly. Girls, do not share eye makeup or lipstick – these are things you should never share, but be extra careful during the monsoon as many communicable diseases spread via this route.

And all nail-biters out there – quit this habit! You’re giving all the bacteria and grime embedded in your nails direct access to your stomach! Wash your hands every three hours – or carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and use it!

5. Block the damp!

Keep a set of essential undergarments in a plastic pouch in your bag. Carry a pair of extra clothes, too. Wearing damp clothes all day is an absolute no-no. It will lead to lung infections, viral fever, skin allergies, and more. Also, don’t leave the damp clothes lying about in your room. Wash and dry immediately, or else, fungal molds will grow on them and spoil the clothes, and the ambient dampness will give the room a moldy, damp smell, apart from spoiling every leather/wooden/clothing item in your room.

6. Don’t Let the Mosquitoes Get You

This is the worst of the lot. Everywhere you go, swarms of mosquitoes and flies greet you during the monsoons. And you already know what they can do! So, slather all exposed skin areas with a good repellent, especially during the night.

Regularly air the room out, give curtains and other untouched items in the room a good shake. Vacuum, if you can. Keep some camphor in a bowl in a corner, to ward off the bad smell, and the mosquitoes too.

7. Build up natural immunity

All of you, most probably, are busy studying and enjoying college life, but that doesn’t mean you let your health and wellness take a backseat. Building up your natural immunity and resistance is the best way to deal with the monsoons. Include yogurt, citrus fruits, spinach, bitter gourd, and green chilies in your everyday diet, and you’ll be raring to rock!

Enjoy the rains

Come on now! Don’t let all the ‘don’ts’ take away the charm of the rains. All we want is for you to be cautious so you can enjoy the season instead of sniffling your way to the doctor. You all know which questions to attempt in that question paper to get maximum marks, don’t you? Therefore, use that same logic to get the max out of the monsoons!